Suncoast Pediatrics

Welcome to our office!


Thank you for choosing Suncoast Pediatrics to place your confidence in caring for your child. We would like to take this opportunity to share some important information and helpful suggestions.


Our office hours are Monday to Thursday, 7:45 to 5:00 pm, Friday 8:00 to 4:00 pm and Saturday from 8:00 am to 11:00 am. The doctors have a rotating schedule each month. If you have a doctor preference, we encourage you to schedule your well visits with that doctor. IF your child is sick, we will do our best to accomodate you that day with the first avaliable doctor. Please call ahead for an appointment, as our schedule becomes full quickly. Please remember that emergencies do occur and sometimes may cause a delay in our scheduled patients. Your understanding is greatly appreciated in these emergent cases.


If you have an emergency please call 911. If you have a medical concern after hours that can not wait until the next business day, please call our office directly at (727) 584-6802 to be connected to our on call service.

What You Can Expect at an Appointment

We want you and your child to be as comfortable as possible at each visit. One way we can do this is by minimizing suprises. Here is a breif description of a typical appointment so you can prepare yourself and your child for the visit.


We require that all of our patients be accompanied by parent or legal guardian to every appointment. In the event a parent or legal guardian is not able to accompany the child, we will accept a written note with your signature allowing a friend or family member to authorize care for your child. Patients between the ages of 16 and 18 years may be seen, unaccompanied by an adult with the parents written or verbal permission. All patients under the age of 16 years must be accompanied by an adult in order to be seen.


Arrival: Upon your arrival we will ask for your insurance card to verify your coverage (for returning patients we will offer you an opportunity to update your contact information).


Getting Started: After you and your child are called back to one of our exam rooms, by one of our medical assistants, your child will be weighed and vitals are taken.


Physicals: Depending on the age of your child, in addition to height and weight, we will evaluate urine and hemoglobin and take a blood pressure reading. During the appointment, your child will need to remove clothing down to underwear so that we may perform a thorough exam. If your child is particuraly self-conscious we are happy to provide a gown. For older children and teenagers, a gown will be provided.


Shots: The most common question we get is whether there will be any shots at a particular check up. Due to the extensive and complicated vaccine schedule these days, our reception staff may not be able to provide you with accurate information. Therefore, we suggest that you prepare your child for the possibility of shots for every check-up. (please refer to the Schedule of Well Office Visits below)


Questions: You will be given sufficient time to ask any questions you may have. Take a few moments before the appointment to gather your thoughts and develop your questions for the doctor. We suggest you write down your questions so you don't forget them.







Schedule of Well Office Visits

1-2 Days

First Newborn Visit

2 Weeks

Well Baby Check

1 Month

Well Baby Check

2 Months

Well Baby Check – IMMUNIZATIONS (Hepatitis B, Dtap, Polio, HiB, Prevnanr And Oral Immunization-Rotavirus)

4 Months

Well Baby Check – IMMUNIZATIONS (Dtap, Polio, HiB, Prevnanr And Oral Immunization-Rotavirus)

6 Months

Well Baby Check – IMMUNIZATIONS (Hepatitis B, Dtap, Polio, HiB, Prevnanr And Oral Immunization-Rotavirus)

9 Months

Well Baby Check

12 Months

Happy Birthday! Well Check IMMUNIZATIONS (Iron Level Test, Lead Testing, Hepatitis B, Prevnanr, Varicella and Hepatitis A)

15 Months

Well Check – IMMUNIZATIONS (HiB and MMR)

18 Months

Well Check – IMMUNIZATIONS (Dtap, Polio and Hepatitis A)

2 Years

Well Check (iron level check and Lead level)

3 Years

Well Check (Iron level check and Urinalysis)

4 Years

Well Check – (iron level check and urinalysis)    5 year IMMUNIZATIONS If Enrolling in Preschool/VPK) (Dtap, Polio, MMR, Varicella)

5 Years

Get Ready For School! Well Check – IMMUNIZATIONS (Dtap, Polio, MMR, Varicella, Iron level Check and urinalysis)


7th Grade Requirement





Please remember to contact your insurance company as soon as possible, to notify them of the birth of your child so they can add them to your current coverage. This process does take time, so please contact them immediatley. We will file insurance for the newborn under the mothers policy number for 30 days. It will be necessary for you to provide our office with proof of insurance coverage by the child's 2 month well visit, or you will be responsible for the balance owed and any new charges at this time.

For Medicaid Eligible Newborns

Please contact your worker as soon as possible. Although you may have already recived a gold card for your newborn, coverage cannot be activated until you notify him/her of your child's birth.